Note: We covered Google Docs previously, but that is of course the top productivity tool for educational leaders. :)

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Top Productivity Tools for Administrators

More Paperless Tools We Covered Briefly:

More Suggestions From My Colleagues on Twitter:

Susan Brooks-Young
Susan Brooks-Young
sjbrooksyoung Susan Brooks-Young @@markwagner Dropbox, Sundry Notes6 hours ago **Favorite** **Retweet** **Reply**
Dave Childers
Dave Childers
davechilders Dave Childers @markwagner doodle for sure, genbook is really cool for online appointment scheduling too6 hours ago
mhammons mhammons @@markwagner Dropbox!6 hours ago
B Ahrens
B Ahrens
bcahrens B Ahrens @@markwagner how about

6 hours ago

Older Suggestions from Twitter:
  1. Karen Green
    Karen Green
    kgreen5 @markwagner what about and to plan dates with groups?
  2. chadkafka
    chadkafka @markwagner Should share with admin. Great for lining up meetings with many people if don't have a shared calendaring system.
  3. Lisa Dabbs
    Lisa Dabbs
    teachingwthsoul @markwagner A few productivity faves~> Google Docs, Google wave, WriteBoard, Tweetdoc, Rsizr, files to share,, Vokle. :)
  4. Kelly Christopherson
    Kelly Christopherson
    kwhobbes @markwagner the greatest tool that I use. It is an awesome tool!
  5. Raj Boora
    Raj Boora
    idarknight @markwagner between evernote and dropbox, most people barely need a "home" machine anymore

  1. stevekatz
    stevekatz @markwagner Google docs & forms, wikispaces, blogs, ning
  2. Ken Shelton
    Ken Shelton
    k_shelton @markwagner perhaps share with them how awesome evernote is with a mobile device like an iPad or iPhone
  3. alice barr
    alice barr
    alicebarr @markwagner Google forms, Google Sites, Ning, Skype, just to name a few
  4. Dave Childers
    Dave Childers
    davechilders @markwagner If you can use and add to this, that would be fantastic for my Fall CUE presentation!
  5. kditzler
    kditzler @markwagner Productivity tools: Google Calendar for scheduling, Google Forms to collect info, Staff wiki for meeting agendas, general info
  6. Eric Castro
    Eric Castro
    eecastro @markwagner @evernote - access notes from any device; RSS - keep abreast & keep learning more efficiently; @readitlater - delay what can be
  7. John Curry
    John Curry
    jcurryclhs @markwagner Google Docs - particularly the " forms", Ning for communication and school climate, iPhoto for creating slide shows
  8. Jonathan Becker
    Jonathan Becker
    jonbecker @markwagner didn't get far on the right-most column here, but feel free to use/share/edit this document:
  9. Kerri Richardson
    Kerri Richardson
    nandikerri @markwagner My fav tools- #Evernote, #Yammer,#GoogleApps and my #ipad-