Administrator Training Program Wiki: Day 3

This page is meant to support Day 3 of the Administrator Training Program and contains links to resources mentioned by the presenters, the guest speaker, and the participants. Below are links to the official OCDE Administrator Training Program sites:

Here is a new book that may be relevant to extending your learning on these topics:

Agenda (w/Links)

Morning Segment:

Day 3 Slides (On Google Docs w/Discussion Feature)
Welcome Activity: Educational Technology and Driving a Race Car (See - A Separate Workshop Wiki)

Introduction to Google Moderator

Educational Technology Planning Resources (From The eBinder)

More Educational Technology Planning Resources:

Review 21st Century Skills (to include in your curriculum goal). See also the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.
Review also the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for students, teachers, and administrators.

Middle Segment:

Personal Learning Networks for Educators

Time Permitting:

Afternoon Segment:

California Learning Resources Network (CLRN)
CLRN Resources (From The eBinder)

Option 1: Introduction to Videogames in Education

Option 2: Introduction to Social Media and Social Change in Education:

Option 3: Top Productivity Tools for Administrators

Option 4: Another Topic Selected By You on Google Moderator

EdTech Profile: Running Reports

Practicum Hours

Reflection and Evaluation

SETS Projects:

TICAL - Day 1 - Administrative Resources for Schools
TechSETS - Day 2 - Technical Resources for Schools (Including updates and free online help desk software.)
CLRN - Day 3 - Instructional Resources for Schools (Search by standard!)
EdTechProfile - All Days** (Self Assessment of Technology Proficiency)

Additional Resources:

email Mark Wagner: