Administrator Training Program Wiki: Day 2

This page is meant to support Day 2 of the Administrator Training Program and contains links to resources mentioned by the presenters, the guest speaker, and the participants. Below are links to the official OCDE Administrator Training Program sites:

Here is a new book that may be relevant to extending your learning on these topics:

Agenda (w/Links)

Morning Segment:

Day 2 Welcome Slides (On Google Docs w/Discussion Feature)
Welcome Activity

Data Quest -
Ed-Data -
Just For The Kids, CA - (How to pull up the Top 10 Comparable Schools data: )

Middle Segment:

NEW: Updated Google Docs for Educators workshop outline!
EVEN NEWER: Google Drive

Google Docs for Administrators (This links to a separate Google Apps Education Edition workshop.)
Google Docs for Personalized Learning (This has more examples and templates for administrative and instructional purposes.)

Demo Presentation Chat

Summary of Activities
Docs Activity 1: How might Google Docs be useful to you as an administrator?
Docs Activity 2: Who are we?
Docs Activity 3: Forms for Data Collection
Docs Activity 4: Self-Grading Quiz! (BONUS - Time Permitting)

Key Tips
Custom Walkthrough Forms (Demo Template with Individual Reports!)
Quick and Easy Mail Merge Using Google Docs
Quick and Easy IF Formulas for Grading Google Forms

Review of CIPA, COPPA, and FERPA
UPDATED: Fall CUE 2011 Resources

Overview of Copyright and Creative Commons

Afternoon Segment:

Data Analysis with Spreadsheets: The M&M Activity with Google Docs
Join our collaborative spreadsheet here! And view the results!

Data Analysis with Spreadsheets: Top Formulas for Administrators

Data Presentation
Review: Images, Impact, and Interaction: Presentations in Education
Moving Your Presentation Online:

BONUS (Optional Topic): Current Mobile and 1:1 Solutions

TechSETS - Technical Resources for Schools (Including updates and free online help desk software.)
Tech Sets Resources (eBinder Materials)

Don't miss these five resources we identified at TechSETS on April 13, 2010:

EdTech Profile

Practicum Hours

Reflection and Evaluation
  • How would your message from the future change after today's training?
  • Online Evaluation

SETS Projects:
TICAL - Day 1 - Administrative Resources for Schools
TechSETS - Day 2 - Technical Resources for Schools (Including updates and free online help desk software.)
CLRN - Day 3 - Instructional Resources for Schools (Search by standard!)
EdTechProfile - All Days (Self Assessment of Technology Proficiency)

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