Administrator Training Program Wiki: Day 1

This page is meant to support Day 1 of the Administrator Training Program and contains links to resources mentioned by the presenters, the guest speaker, and the participants. Below are links to the official OCDE Administrator Training Program sites:

Here is a new book that may be relevant to extending your learning on these topics:

Agenda (w/Links)

Morning Segment:

Welcome, Introductions, & Group Norms

"Welcome to My World" & Worst Fears, Best Hopes

Overview of Administrator Training Program Module 3: Benefits and Requirements

BONUS: Advanced and Specialized Search for Administrators

Middle Segment:

Introduction To Web 2.0 and Blogs For Administrators

Read/Write Web Resources (eBinder Materials)

Activity 1: Comment on a blog post that you find interesting. (Skim the blogs above and use the blog search tools above to find something meaningful to you.)

Activity 2: Create Your Own Blog at or

Internet Awareness and Safety Resources

Overview of CIPA, COPPA, and FERPA

Afternoon Segment:

Technology Information Center For Administrative Leadership (TICAL)

Professional Presentations

Data Collection and Analysis with Online Surveys (Note: CUT due to Google Docs Forms in Day 2)
  • Surveymonkey (Free Surveys for Administrators and Teachers)
  • Activity: Create an Online Survey

EdTech Profile

Practicum Hours

Reflection and Evaluation

SETS Projects:

TICAL - Day 1 - Administrative Resources for Schools (Scavenger Hunt.pdf) (Acceptable Use Policy presentation)
TechSETS - Day 2 - Technical Resources for Schools (Including Updates and Free Online Help Desk Software.)
CLRN - Day 3 - Instructional Resources for Schools (Search by standard!)
EdTechProfile - All Days (Self Assessment of Technology Proficiency)

Additional Resources:
(Sometimes Mentioned During The Workshop)

Edmodo - Safe social networking for schools.

enVisionMATH -Interactive and visual learning and differentiated instruction to address the specific needs of all student populations.

Jing - A simple and free screen capture program that allows you to create annotated images or narrated videos - and share them online! (Great for creating tutorials for your staff!)

My Access! - "The program's powerful scoring engine grades students' essays instantly and provides targeted feedback, freeing teachers from grading thousands of papers by hand and giving them more time to conduct differentiated instruction and curriculum planning."

TurnItIn - This webservice checks for plagiarism, facilitates peer review, and offers tools for grading and markup of essays.

Tinyurl - Take a long ugly URL and... make it tiny! (Good for emailing long addresses - like surveys or jing videos - to your staff!)

email Mark Wagner:

What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media