Worst Fears

Lose face-to-face communication opportunities... if not skills.
Miscommunication problems - and poor "netiquette".
Hard to focus... especially with phones and emails beeping.
A bigger gap of haves and have-nots.
Dependency on technology.
Extended work day - impact on families.
The lack of learning how to spell... writing, syntax, language structure.
Inappropriate use by students.
Kids' "pedestrian" knowledge of things and not exploring.
Need to train people to go beyond a gimmick to a real change.
Physical ramifications...
Teachers are afraid to use technology because the students know more than they do.

Best Hopes

Students know more than we do... and we can be lead learners.
Learning 24/7 - you always have access to information.
Contact with people throughout the world.
Online courses.
Increasing access for students with disabilities.
Will be a great equalizer to provide experiences and opportunities to all kids.
The will improve education - through individualizing and differentiating instruction (and learning).
Increased parent involvement.