AB 430 Wiki: Day 2

This wiki is meant to support Day 2 of AB 430 and contains links to resources mentioned by the presenters, the guest speaker, and the participants. Below are links to the official OCDE AB 430 sites:

Agenda (w/Links)

Agenda Handout:
Presenter: Mark Wagner, Ph.D.

Morning Segment:
Day 2 Welcome Slides (On Google Docs w/Discussion Feature) - Discussion from 2008/01/22
Welcome Activitiy: If you had a message from the future for the administrators of today, what would it be?
Read the story behind the activity: http://edtechlife.com/?p=1889

Dr. Stephanie Schneider's ppt -
Data Quest - http://dq.cde.ca.gov
Ed-Data - http://www.ed-data.k12.ca.us/welcome.asp
Just For The Kids, CA - http://www.jftk-ca.org
Collaborative Data Analysis Resources (eBinder Materials)

Middle Segment:

Introduction to The Read/Write Web Slides
Blog If You Love Learning - A workshop wiki about blogs in education
Support Blogging - A wiki about blogs in education, with many examples
Wiki While You Work - A workshop wiki about... wikis (Don't Miss: Research with Wikipedia)
Educational Wikis - A wiki with many example wikis
Learning to Network and Networking to Learning - A wiki that includes many more network learning tools... and goes beyond the tools.
Search For Blogs:
RSS Aggregators (for subscribing to multiple blogs and other "feeds"):
Read/Write Web Resources (eBinder Materials)

Afternoon Segment:

TechSETS - Technical Resources for Schools (Including updates and free online help desk software.)
Tech Sets Resources (eBinder Materials)

Data Analysis With Excel
State STAR Data: http://star.cde.ca.gov
Excel Resources (eBinder Materials)

Data Presentation With PowerPoint
Images, Impact, and Interaction: Presentations in Education
Moving Your Presentation Online:

EdTech Profile

Practicum Hours

Reflection and Evaluation

SETS Projects:
TICAL - Day 1 - Administrative Resources for Schools
TechSETS - Day 2 - Technical Resources for Schools (Including updates and free online help desk software.)
CLRN - Day 3 - Instructional Resources for Schools (Search by standard!)
EdTechProfile - All Days (Self Assessment of Technology Proficiency)