AB 430 Wiki: Day 1

This wiki is meant to support Day 1 of AB 430 and contains links to resources mentioned by the presenters, the guest speaker, and the participants. Below are links to the official OCDE AB 430 sites:

Agenda (w/Links)

Morning Segment:

Welcome, Introductions, & Group Norms

"Welcome to My World" & Worst Fears, Best Hopes

Overview of AB 430 Module 3: Benefits and Requirements

Middle Segment:

Learning in the 21st Century (With Steven Glyer)

Afternoon Segment:

Technology Information Center For Administrative Leadership (TICAL)

Professional Presentations with PowerPoint

Data Collection and Analysis with Online Surveys

EdTech Profile

Practicum Hours

Reflection and Evaluation

SETS Projects:

TICAL - Day 1 - Administrative Resources for Schools (Scavenger Hunt.pdf) (Acceptable Use Policy presentation)
TechSETS - Day 2 - Technical Resources for Schools (Including Updates and Free Online Help Desk Software.)
CLRN - Day 3 - Instructional Resources for Schools (Search by standard!)
EdTechProfile - All Days (Self Assessment of Technology Proficiency)

Additional Resources:

Image Sources:

Professional Learning Networks and Open Source Software (With Jeremy Davis)

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